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There are different ways to get your plugin listed here. Every possibility ends with contacting Dominic Hopf. He is the maintainer of this website and takes care of uploading the HTML files and including new plugins into navigation and so on.


If your plugin already is part of the Geany Plugins project, you should find your plugin listed here. There is a cronjob running every night, which updates the website with latest information from the README files of the plugins. For this to work correctly, it is necessary you have a README file in trunk/geany-plugins/{your plugin name}/ which is written in restructuredText.

If the README file is there, but still not listed on the website, make sure you gave the cronjob a chance to find your README and wait a night before contacting Dominic to have a deeper look on the issue.

1st Way

2nd Way

This one will only work, if you write your README file in restructuredText as some other plugin authors do. You will need to use two tools: rst2html and HTML Tidy. Dominic wrote some configuration files for use with those tools. If you do not have them yet, feel free to contact Dominic to get them. The result should be an almost perfect HTML file which can be included into the website. Do this steps to generate the file:

rst2html --config=rst2html_config.conf README > {your plugin name}.html tidy -config tidy.conf {your plugin name}.html

While {your plugin name} is the actual UNIX name (lowercase!) of your plugin. Note: There is no need for HTML headers and body and so on. Those will be provided by the website itself. Your HTML file should just provide pure XHTML 1.1 validating content, it will appear within the body tags on the website.

When you're done, have a look if your HTML file looks good (get some inspiration from already existing plugin sites) and send it to Dominic then.


The website is currently maintained by Dominic Hopf. His mail address is If you have any questions concerning this site, please consider to contact him first of all. If it takes too long for an answer, feel free to kick his butt at the #geany IRC channel on