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geanynumberedbookmarks is a plugin to provide users with 10 numbered bookmarks (in addition to the usual bookkmarks). It started out as part of the ConText feature parity plugin, which was split into individual plugins to better suit Geany's ethos of being as light as possible while allowing users to select which features they want to add to the core editor. The idea was taken from a Text Editor for Windows called ConText.

Normaly if you had more than one bookmark, you would have to cycle through them until you reached the one you wanted. With this plugin you can go straight to the bookmark that you want with a single key combination.

To set a numbered bookmark press Ctrl+Shift+(a number from 0 to 9). You will see a marker apear next to the line number. If you press Ctrl+Shift+(a number) on a line that already has that bookmark number then it removes the bookmark, otherwise it will move the bookmark there if it was set on a different line, or create it if it had not already been set. Only the bookmark with the highest number on a line will be shown, but you can have more than one bookmark per line. This plugin does not interfer with regular bookmarks. When a file is saved, Geany will remember the numbered bookmarks and make sure that they are set the next time you open the file.

This plugin also will remember the state of folds in a file (open or not) if you want it to and re-apply this the next time you open the file.

You can alter the default behaviour of this plugin by selecting Plugin Manager under the Tools menu, selecting this plugin, and cliking Preferences. You can change: Remember fold state - if this is set then this plugin will remember the state

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of any folds along with the numbered bookmarks and set them when the file is next loaded.

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Center view when goto bookmark - If this is set it will try to make sure that
the numbered bookmark that you are going to is in the center of the screen, otherwise it will simply be on the screen somewhere.